Here’s how to see the first photo you liked on Instagram

Instagram was founded in 2010 as a photo and video sharing platform. Since then, the platform has expanded to include photos, videos, reels and live streaming. Favorite or most popular posts. You might also be wondering what was the first post you liked on Instagram.

You don’t have to go through thousands of posts to find the first one you’ve liked over the years. Instagram has a feature that allows you to easily get back to your activity history.

  1. Open the mobile app, then select your profile option in the bottom right corner.

2.In the top right corner, tap on the three horizontal lines.

3.Tap to choose Settings.

4.In the search bar, type Manage Likes.

5.Every image you’ve ever “liked” on Instagram will be visible.

6.You’ll find a filtering option in the upper right corner of the page.

7.Choose oldest to newest.

8.The first image will be the first Instagram post you “liked”.

Many Instagram users can use this feature to find their lost likes and posts. It helps you get the posts starting with the first one you liked and progressing to the newest. You can swipe up to see more of your old likes, or tap on any of the posts to go back and see them all. These instructions are the same whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone.

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In a few seconds, the page should refresh and show all the posts you’ve liked, starting with the first to the most recently liked. You can tap on any of the posts to go back and see all, or swipe up the page to scroll through more of your old likes. These steps also work the same way whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone. What should you do with your first Instagram post that you like? That’s up to you!Some people share their first (or first) likes on Twitter, TikTok, and other apps to poke fun at themselves. You can if you like, or you can keep the posts private and have a laugh. on her alone.


How to delete likes on Instagram?

If you no longer want to like a post, simply open it and tap the heart icon to indicate you don’t like it. This will remove him from the list of Liked posts.

How do you see posts others liked on Instagram?

Instagram used to allow you to view another user’s activities, but stopped this practice in 2019 due to a privacy issue. The only way to see what people like on the app is to select a specific post and tap where it says “X Likes.” to see all the people who liked this post.

How to hide likes on Instagram?

If you don’t want to see the total number of likes and views on other accounts’ posts, go to Settings > Privacy > Posts and toggle Hide Likes and Show Count to ” A”. To hide like counts on your own posts, go to your feed and tap the three vertical dots next to a post, then select Hide Like Count.

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