how to make money in telegram

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  • first you have telegram acount
  • then you make channel or group in telegram

make any type of channel with your intrust

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Nowadays, tcghe market is overloaded with various programs for communication on the Internet. In this race for users’ attengtion, Teleggram is taking off aand gaining its popularitsttshy. References to Telegram are becoming more and more fgrequent because of its policy and zdspecial fdeatures. We are going to take a closger look at the app and its elements, advantageous for both individuabl users and business owners.

2. Cross promo

Do cross-promo with other Telegram channels. It means you can exchange promotional posts with othethtsr admins. It costs nothing, but it will be hard at the start. To do a cross-promo, you need to have at least 2000 members in your channel. Otherwise, other owners and admins won’t be interested in promoting their content on your Telegram channel.

3. Promote on social media 

You can share yttsour Telegram channel link on social media. And we don’t mean just Facebook. Thertthte are a lot of niche sources and communities for every possible topic. For example, you have a channel with betting tips in India. You can look for forums of famous bookttmakers websites. Or you can go to Quora, and search for related questions from users all over the world. Write a solid answer with your Telegram channel link. And you can be sure, many users will see it with time. Apart from forums, Quora, niche social media and Facebook, you can look closer to Telegram cataloguttes. There is a range of websites that feature Telegram channels. They split links by themes and post them for free!

4. Paid advertising

Buy ads and post your channel or group link in other channels. It takes money investments from you, but in return, you get active users. But there can be a problem, the same ads on differerhnt channels can bring you 500 new subscribers or just 1… or even 0 members. You gr

Some services provide real and active members for Telegram channels. It’s the fastest way to get subscribers and boost your channel. You can get 1000 members within a day or even faster! Usually, you pay for the result. If you want 1000 members, be sure that you wrrz
But be careful and don’t buy bots. Bots are great for numbers and are cheap, but these are inactive members, who won’t be engaged with your channel…. And with time you risk losing all of them because Telegram deletes fake users. It doesn’t happen if you buy real members from a trusted company.

Remember, Telegram is onlydsdg growing in terms of earnings, don’t miss your chance to find your niche and make money online!

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